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Soft and creamy, highly enriched with the anti-aging QAI® Complex, the Complex The Triple Collagen®, and in targeted purifying, detoxifying and soothing last generation active ingredients.

This is an essential step for lifting the dulling veil hiding the skin’s natural glow.

Tube 55ml

At the heart of this dual action formula an active combination of Australian Eucalyptus exfoliating micro-pearls and nourishing agents rids the skin from its impurities (dead cells, pollution, sebum…) and replenishes it to reveal a  deeply protected, strengthened and revitalized skin.

First action: Spherical micro-pearls* gently eliminate impurities and dead cells thanks to mechanical exfoliating action. It reveals a renewed, refined, healthy-looking and visibly more beautiful skin.

Second action: Essential plant oils and the anti-aging QAI® Complex strengthen and refill the skin by providing it antioxidant, soothing and moisturizer agents to restore the skin’s natural glow.

As a result: The skin appears transformed, soft, smooth and clear, brighter than ever. This micro-exfoliation stimulates cell renewal and cleanses the pores for an improved effectiveness of care!

*100% biodegradable, 100% eco-certified, 100% polyethylene free.

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