As a hairdresser, Elliot Taylor often saw clients caught out for not having an umbrella.

He started to think about an alternative to the plastic bonnet his grandmother might have worn. Why wasn’t there a contemporary example – a practical, let alone stylish alternative?

He wanted to create a highly considered design that was mindful of the world around us. It should be stylish yet functional. The result is L’hood, a collection of hats and hoods in many colours and fabrics designed by fashion designer David Szeto.

L’HOOD products eschew fast-fashion trends and are designed to offer a lifetime of wear.

The Ritza, Elio and Decca rain and sunhats provide a sustainable, stylish alternative to the 1.1 billion umbrellas that are thrown away each year.

Wherever possible, L'HOOD sources recycled components to make their products as well as biodegradable, plant-based packaging, hang tags and metal components.

To make their products even more mindful, L'HOOD are currently working to introduce a sustainable recycled membrane, recycled nylon, recycled polyester and bio cotton, building circularity into the brand.