uka=⽻化 in Japanese means when a pupa comes out of the cocoon and becomes a butterfly.

uka - the Tokyo-based Japanese beauty brand - is looking to play a role in helping men and women become beautiful and spread beauty through the world, like butterflies pollinate flying from one flower to another.

With the belief that “true beauty” is not only about external appearance but also a smile that comes from the things that make you happy, uka helps you build confidence through haircare and cosmetics derived from natural ingredients, developed and tested in their exclusive Tokyo hair & beauty salons.

The uka Head Therapy Series includes amino acid-based hair-care products aimed to deliver shiny, healthy hair: regenerating scalp cleaners and serums, nourishing hair oils, targeted shampoos and conditioners. The series incorporates 15 types of amino acid-based ingredients (amino acid make up more than 80% of the hair fiber) and the naturally derived thermal hair repair ingredient "γ-docosalactone" which reacts with the heat from the hair dryer to bind with proteins in the hair and give long-lasting bounce and resilience.