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Used to massage the entire face, the Gua Sha is a non-invasive beauty tool suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.


Its many virtues are not reserved only for mature skin - among its benefits:

- A glowing skin and a healthy – rosy complexion

- A firming and anti-aging effect, an energized skin with improved blood circulation

- Effective against loss of firmness in the skin tissue (face and neck)

- Reduced under eye dark circles and bags

- Skin detox and effectively reduced redness

- Soothing of dry and dehydrated skin

- Diminished dark spots and scars

- Improved cell capacity to assimilate nutrient substances needed to regenerate and fight against premature aging

- Better absorption of the various products applied on the skin

- A true relaxation moment

In fact, the Chinese medicine relates each area of the face to one body organ so it is the entire body who benefits from the facial massage.

The skin is an important immune barrier of the body.

Using the GUA SHA for a massage is an efficient therapy, widely accepted in East Asia for various symptoms.

The mechanical pressure movements improve the superficial micro-circulation in the skin tissue and induce the expansion of capillaries including the blood vessels and the lymphatic system.

The increase of the blood and lymphatic debits speed up the substance exchange between cells and blood, the interstitial and lymphatic fluids.

Moreover, using the GUA SHA generate a temporary warming effect of the skin tissues like a localized short-term fever. This thermic element of the GUA SHA also contributes to stimulating the innate and adaptive immune responses.


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