VALMONT Moisturizing Booster


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Hydration Boosting Gel

Super plumping moisturizing gel/serum.
A concentrate of hyaluronic acid.

FILLS the epidermis with intense hydration
RE-PLUMPS the skin
RE-BALANCES the natural moisturizing film

Key inhgredients:

  • High-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid: Fills in fine lines due to dehydration on the surface. Retains water in the skin and limits evaporation.
  • Low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid: Penetrates into the dermis and epidermis to hold water deep within the skin
  • NMF-like complex: Blend of NMF biomimetic molecules ensuring intense, immediate and optimum hydration.
  • Pore refiner concentrate: Hydrating and astringent, unifies and refines skin texture

20ml dropper

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