THE NATURAL SCIENCE OF IRENE FORTE SKINCARE- The proprietary Irene Forte Skincare range achieves outstanding results with natural ingredients in formulations shaped by 35 years of skincare research and development. Based on the research of her Scientific Director Dr. Francesca Ferri - a pioneer in the medical use of plant extracts to treat skin conditions - Irene has introduced novel ingredients in products which have shown profound results in independent clinical and consumer trials.

Irene Forte Skincare products are suitable for all skin types, and have even been clinically approved for sensitive skin.  

ORGANIC & VEGAN - The core ingredients are harvested at our Organic Farm in Sicily, and alongside these we have integrated zero-waste upcycled ingredients, made from nutrient-rich plant based leftovers. Irene’s insistence on plant based sources means all our ingredients are certified vegan. 

HIGH ETHICAL STANDARDS - Irene Forte’s approach is distinguished by her high ethical standards. In recognition of those standards, Irene Forte Skincare has already achieved B-Corp status and has been awarded the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury for sustainable excellence.