VALMONT Hydra³ Eye


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  • Targeted hydration around the eyes
  • Lasting hydration that gives a look that’s more radiant than ever
  • Universal eye contour care  - this emulsion acts as an immediate splash that hydrates and fills skin drip by drip.

This emulsion infuses the skin with water on three levels: it acts as an immediate hydrating wave, diffuses a gradual drip under the skin, and forms a deep reservoir.

Its efficacy relies on the Polymatrix DNA – the latest generation of exclusive ingredients that achieve chrono-hydration.

Skin around the eye is full and plumped, dark circles are faded. The look is fresh and smooth.

Surprisingly light, its texture acts like an invisible patch that diffuses moisturizing power.

Its global action makes it the ultimate treatment for all skin types, all ages and all targeted results - with a hydrating, concealing, youthful effect.


  • Polymatrix DNA: exclusive ultra-hydrating innovation; it forms a poly-active molecular mesh for immediate, short-term, and long-term hydration.
  • Anti-dark circles peptide - reduces dark circles.
  • Youth liposome: fights against the signs of aging.

HOW TO USE:  Apply morning and evening to cleansed eye contours with gentle movements from the outside in.


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