SUSANNE KAUFMANN Calming Pillow Spray


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SUSANNE KAUFMANN Calming Pillow Spray
SUSANNE KAUFMANN Calming Pillow Spray

Formulated with orange oil, known to support the body’s respiratory passages, and precious lavender oil, celebrated for its relaxing properties, this spray is the secret to a perfect night’s sleep.

At Susanne Kaufmann, the passion for wellness runs through every product that is developed, with the belief that treating the body with a holistic approach is key to wellbeing and maintaining a healthy balance for our bodies.

Never underestimate the importance of sleep.

While we sleep, the body releases hormones which work to detox the body ready for the day ahead. The same applies for your skin. We should have at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

Dedicate one evening a week to a good book in place of a digital device to protect your skin as well as your eyes from blue light radiation to help you wind down and promote a good night’s sleep.

Due to the use of active, natural ingredients, this product may appear cloudy.


Spritz onto your pillow just before bed and let the soothing aroma help you drift off into a peaceful slumber.

  • Pair It With

Enjoy the most restful and relaxing sleep and pair it with Alkali Salts. Add five spoonfuls of this salt to your bath right before bedtime. It will not only restore your pH balance but also gives your skin a a fine, well-groomed feeling.


SUSANNE KAUFMANN Calming Pillow Spray
SUSANNE KAUFMANN Calming Pillow Spray

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