SEED TO SKIN The Body Brush


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Detox. Tone. Revitalize

Dry brushing the body is a centuries-old treatment technique used in many cultures and continents to support a healthy metabolism and keep the body healthy and glowing year-round.  An exfoliating beauty ritual that effectively helps to increase blood circulation and lymph flow to eliminate toxins from the body. Removes dead cells without damaging the outer layers of the skin, and helps to stimulate and improve the skin tone. It’s also proven to stimulate the nervous system and increase energy levels and well-being. The Body Bush, made from beechwood and natural horse hair, comes with an extension that is simple to be attached & removed and allows it to reach all parts of the body with ease, from head to toe.


  • Seed to Skin Tuscany’s body brush is designed for use daily before showering or bathing as part of your daily body cleansing routine.
  • Always use it without water or soap.
  • Begin with light, gentle brush strokes.
  • Commencing with the soles of your feet, brush inwards from the outermost points of your body, working rhythmically in long, straight, smooth and gentle strokes toward the heart.
  • Brush your arms after you have brushed your feet, legs, and mid-section. You should brush upward towards your armpits.
  • Brush up towards the decollete & neck, and move from the shoulders and upwards towards your ears.
  • Always brush toward the heart.
  • You can Use light pressure in areas where your skin is thin and harder pressure on thicker skin, like the soles of your feet.
  • Recommended 3-5 minutes of dry body brushing daily.
  • In addition, we recommend applying The Bath Therapy (or preferred Seed to Skin Tuscany body care) & immerse yourself in a warm bath or shower. A cool rinse to activate blood circulation and promote a healthy glow is recommended

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