SEED TO SKIN Borgo Air Diffuser


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SEED TO SKIN Borgo Air Diffuser
SEED TO SKIN Borgo Air Diffuser

A sensory walk through Borgo gardens

SEED TO SKIN Bottled up the indescribable, unmistakable smell of a walk through our Borgo gardens in the summertime, so you can have a little piece of Borgo, wherever you are in the world. With heavenly notes of lavender, roses and jasmine, one spray of Borgo Air transports you to a summer’s walk through our sun-soaked flower gardens, our peaceful sanctuary in the heart of Tuscany.

Borgo Air is an aromatic ode to Borgo Santo Pietro’s unforgettable ambiance.


Delicately scented of lavender, cypress and summer meadows, and balanced with fresh floral notes, Borgo Air evokes the memory of a blissful Borgo summer: sun-drenched lavender fields and lazy strolls amongst the roses, pockets of Tuscan wildflowers and balmy evenings under a starry night sky.


Place the rattan sticks into the glass bottle and allow them to soak for an hour. Flip the sticks over once or twice a day depending on how intense you wish the fragrance to be. Be careful as it may stain tables and textiles, please flip the sticks with care.

ALL INGREDIENTS: Ethyl alcohol, Linalool, Coumarin, Oxydipropanol, Bornan-2-one, Cineole, Geraniol, Nerol


SEED TO SKIN Borgo Air Diffuser
SEED TO SKIN Borgo Air Diffuser

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