OLIVIER LEBRUN The HAIRCARE Brush for normal/thick hair


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For his Brush of Care, Olivier Lebrun thought everything, mastered, controlled. This work was done in France, in partnership with a craftsman labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant exercising since 1875.

Made with:

  • untreated and unvarnished ash wood from sustainably managed French forests, the handle has been manually shaped with thirty passes for a perfect hand grip.
  • natural unbleached wild boar bristles for an exceptional quality that allows a perfect respect of the structure of the hair, without causing forks and breakage. The bristles have been tapered to penetrate all thicknesses of hair
  • natural latex coating that is particularly flexible and has a micro-perforation to offer a perfect adaptation to the scalp

The HAIRCARE Brush is aptly named:

  • It cleans the scalp like the hair: the brush strokes eliminate dust and pollen. Truly ecological gesture, it allows to space-out the shampoos.
  • It distributes the sebum from the root to the ends. It restores the shine and avoids the effect of fat roots and dry ends.
  • It strengthens the scalp by activating the micro-circulation and facilitating the absorption of nutrients.
  • It brings volume by aerating the hair and avoiding knots.


Like any gesture of care, there is a ritual.

The famous 100 brushstrokes morning and evening on dry hair is a well-kept hair beauty secret for generations:

  • 25 brush strokes upside down, brush from the neck to the forehead
  • 25 inclined head brush strokes on the left, brushing from the right ear to the left ear
  • 25 strokes of the brush, head inclined to the right, brush from the left ear to the right ear
  • Finally, 25 strokes from the front to the back

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