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An amber woody incense with the finest gums extracts from Somaliland


Berbera is Somaliland's main port, linking the Somali desert to the outside world. With BERBERA fragrance, Nissaba showcases the Horn of Africa through its iconic ingredients: incense, myrrh and opoponax gums.

The same grade of incense has been used, but extracted in three different ways, blended to offer a continuous, vertical narrative flow, and a long-lasting fragrance.

Magnifying these ingredients has been an extraordinary playground for perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin, who loves rich, sophisticated, well-textured ingredients. He worked on this project with Coralie Spicher, a passionate young woman in love with scents and natural ingredients.

Incense, myrrh and opoponax gums, the world's oldest perfumery ingredients

  • TOP -  A superfluid extract of spicy incense meets resinous elemi and a duo of nutmeg and black pepper essences
  • HEART - Leathery, powdery incense enhances warm myrrh
  • BASE - Pyrogenic incense gums with amber facets enrich a superfluid extract of Somali opoponax

Gum resins from Somaliland trees: incense (olibanum) in three different extracts: superfluid extract (C02), molecular distillation, Vulcan extract. Superfluid extracts of myrrh and opoponax.

Other key ingredients :

  • At the top, Elemi essential oil with spices (black pepper essential oil, pink pepper superfluid extract, nutmeg essential oil).
  • Heart notes: rounded iris.
  • The base notes are musk, amber woods and ambrox.

Certified organic French wheat alcohol

22% concentration 

Total content of natural origin > 90%.

Eau de Parfum 100ml


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