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Provides a beautifully natural look in just three, simply steps!

Ribs in the nails’ surface, irregularities and discolorations are removed, leaving behind a fresh, natural look and long lasting shine. The treatment also offers protection that prevents splitting and tearing nails.

  • Can be used long-term
  • Achieve smooth, more even nails with a durable shine for a “glossy look”

TIP: Create a real ‘wow factor’ by applying the KOH CALCIUM NAIL WHITENER after for a French manicure effect.


  • Step 1: Equalize

Place the file on the nail plate and softly file both sides until the nail is smooth and even. Frequency of use: 1x per month.

  • Step 2: Clean

Place the file on the nail plate and file in a circular motion over the entire nail, until the filings are gone. Frequency of use: 1x per month.

  • Step 3: Beautify

Buff the file over the entire nail until it starts to shine. Frequency of use: 1x per week or as often as required.

Not suitable for very thin nails and can be used 1x per week.

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