KOH Crystal Nail File


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KOH Crystal Nail File
KOH Crystal Nail File
KOH Crystal Nail File

Avoid ripping, breaking and splitting nails with the KOH CRYSTAL NAIL FILE.

The KOH CRYSTAL NAIL FILE files and shapes the nails gradually and gently and closes the nail perfectly. As a result of the extra fine but strong structure of the glass, thin, fragile nails are not affected and are only filed in the “right way,” from the side to the middle of the nail. The wear-resistant nail file is suitable for every nail type and can even be taken with you on the plane. The file comes in a luxurious cassette, which is handy to store the file in so that it does not get lost or break.

  • Very exclusive and wear-resistant glass file
  • Very easy to use
  • Easily learn to file in a safe and correct way (“sawing” becomes impossible)
  • Glass is sandblasted, which makes it durable and lasts for life
  • Very hygienic because the file can be cleaned under the tap or in the dishwasher
  • Customs proof

Pay attention: Do not cut or bite your nails! When you bite, you put unnecessary pressure on the nails which cause them to open and break more easily. As a result, moisture and dirt can get in between the nail plates.

Tip: The Glass Nail File Large can also be used as a callus file for the bottom of your feet.


Hold the file loosely in the hands and place the file at a 45 ° angle underneath the nail edges. Then, file the nail in a smooth, circular motion and move from the side towards the center of the nail. Avoid a “sawing” movement, which can damage the nails.

SIZES: Big 22.0 cm / Medium 14.5 cm / TO-GO  10.5 cm

KOH Crystal Nail File
KOH Crystal Nail File
KOH Crystal Nail File

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