COELHO Beauty L'Huile Sérum


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COELHO Beauty L'Huile Sérum
COELHO Beauty L'Huile Sérum
COELHO Beauty L'Huile Sérum
COELHO Beauty L'Huile Sérum


Scalp. Hair. Face. Body.

  • Synergistic blend of essential and vegetable oils.
  • The essential fatty acids and active molecules restructure the lipidic film of the skin, scalp and hair.
  • With the presence of essential oils of lavender and chamomile, the Serum oil soothes the skin while regenerating it.
  • This dry oil penetrates instantly under the skin to leave a deliciously soft, non-greasy feel.

A true skin beauty elixir, Serum Oil boosts your mood and soothes your senses.



  • This universal formula promotes relaxation and spontaneity.
  • Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, helps fight against skin aging, the skin regains its radiance and the scalp its deep hydration.
  • The hair is nourished and regains its structure and dynamism.



  • The essential oil of lavender of Bulgaria promotes a state of relaxation and insouciance, with spontaneity and good mood.
  • The essential oil of Basil helps to focus on its concentration. It clarifies our ideas and gives us the courage to take action, with ease and fluidity.
  • The essential oil of Chamomile soothes emotional shocks.
  • The scent of Labdanum essential oil affects the sensitivity and artistic sense and Patchouli awakens sensuality. These essential oils act in synergy to bring a state of calmness and fulfilment.

OLFACTIVE SIGNATURE: Oriental. Sweet. Spicy.

AROMATHERAPY: Lavender of Bulgaria EO / Basil EO / Chamomile EO / Patchouli EO

PHYTOTHERAPY: VO Macadamia / VO Jojoba / VO Argan / VO Borage / VO Grape seed / Mallow extract / Calendula

AROMACHOLOGY: Bulgarian Lavender EO / Basil EO / Chamomile EO / Patchouli EO / Labdanum HE

DERMOCOSMETIC: Vitamin E / Squalane



[01] Scalp. Dry or very dry hair

  • In an oil bath before the Micellar Cleanser once or twice a week.
  • Leave on for at least 15 minutes.

[02] Hair

  • Apply a very small amount to the palms of your hands, warm the texture and then gently work it through the mid-lengths and ends of the hair.

[03] Face

  • Apply morning and evening to cleansed skin, your neck and décolleté.
  • Place a few drops in the palms of your hands and pat gently onto cleansed skin.

[04] Body

  • Before or after showering or bathing, for a more hydrated and softer skin.

Founder's advice: A few drops of the Oil Serum can be added to the Micellar Cleanser or Care Cream in case of extremely dry hair.

97,5 % of ingredients of natural origin


COELHO Beauty L'Huile Sérum
COELHO Beauty L'Huile Sérum
COELHO Beauty L'Huile Sérum
COELHO Beauty L'Huile Sérum

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