COELHO Beauty La Crème Soin


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COELHO Beauty La Crème Soin
COELHO Beauty La Crème Soin
COELHO Beauty La Crème Soin
COELHO Beauty La Crème Soin


Scalp. Hair.

The all-in-one Care:

Cleansing Cream + Conditioner + Defining Cream + Treatment Mask

Get ready to have a love affair with your hair again!

  • A highly concentrated universal treatment that restores the hair fiber.
  • Its anti-oxidant action protects it from colouring and fading.
  • Phytantriol prolongs colour and retains the moisture necessary for healthy hair.
  • Reduces skin and scalp discomfort.
  • Powerful cooling effect that helps stimulate blood circulation.
  • Frankincense essential oil calms tension, clears the airways and stimulates the body.



  • The Crème de Soin has a unique texture that does not weigh down the hair and will also allow it to be multifunctional. Its powerful cooling effect helps stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, drawing nutrients to the hair follicles. Reduces skin and scalp discomfort through an anesthetic action on sensory nerve endings.
  • The association of 3 vegetable oils allows a contribution of essential fatty acids to restore the capillary fibre. The extract of Pomegranate also provides antioxidant properties. Phytantriol prevents water loss while rebuilding the hair fiber and protecting coloured hair.



  • Its universal formula removes laziness and mental fatigue.
  • Ideal for boosting minds fogged by lassitude.
  • The essential oils of Peppermint and Eucalyptus oxygenate your attention. Their fragrances help us to act with foresight and vigilance. Your intellect is in full awakening.
  • Frankincense essential oil calms tensions. Harmonizing, it is also appropriate in the case of low mood. Purifying, it also allows to free the respiratory tracts and to stimulate the body. It encourages meditative states and spiritual elevation.

OLFACTIVE SIGNATURE: Oriental. Aromatic. Mint. Woody.

AROMATHERAPY: Peppermint EO / Eucalyptus EO / Frankincense EO / Patchouli EO

PHYTOTHERAPY: Pomegranate extract / VO Hazelnut / VO Ricin / VO Olive

AROMACHOLOGY: Peppermint EO / Frankincense EO / Eucalyptus EO

DERMOCOSMETIC: Phytantriol / Biomimetic Ceramide


As cleansing cream:

  • Wet your hair. Gently warm a dab of cream between your hands then apply the treatment on the lengths to the ends. Massage the scalp, adding a dose of cream if necessary.
  • Add water to evenly distribute. Emulsify and leave to act for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly.

As conditioner:

  • After the Micellar Cleanser (shampoo), apply the Care Cream to the lengths and ends. Emulsify with water to release the precious benefits of active ingredients and its smoothness.
  • Detangle then rinse.

As defining cream:

  • For unruly hair or to help define curly hair texture and reduce frizz, work a pea-sized amount into lengths and ends. Do not rinse.

Treatment mask:

  • On slightly damp hair before the Micellar Cleanser, apply the cream all over the hair and leave on for 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Emulsify with water and rinse.
  • Proceed with your hair beauty ritual.

98% of ingredients of natural origin

PH : 5.0 - 5.5


COELHO Beauty La Crème Soin
COELHO Beauty La Crème Soin
COELHO Beauty La Crème Soin
COELHO Beauty La Crème Soin

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