ABSOLUTION Skin Saver Hydrating Set


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ABSOLUTION Skin Saver Hydrating Set
ABSOLUTION Skin Saver Hydrating Set

Your intense hydration routine for skin that glows with health!

 «Cleanse and moisturize!» Two steps that are essential for healthy skin, regardless of age, mood, or situation.

The ABSOLUTION 2021 Skin Saver Hydrating Set brings together their top products for perfectly moisturized skin. It’s ideal if you want to keep your skin in excellent condition wherever you go. It’s also ideal if you want to try out the ABSOLUTION organic formulas. 

Try the Absolution intense hydration routine:

  1. Cleanse with Le Nettoyant Pureté, gentle cleanser - 15ml
  • No more tightness! Now you can use a rinse-off cleanser even if you have sensitive skin. Le Nettoyant Pureté dissolves impurities and makeup, deeply cleanses, soothes, and helps to regulate your skin.
  • 98% natural origin, 30% organic
  1. Exfoliate with La Crème Gommante, gentle face scrub - 15ml
    • Lack of radiance, blemishes, dull skin, loss of firmness... Your skin needs some exercise! The microgranules in La Crème Gommante work to stimulate your skin and help boost its elimination and repair mechanisms.
    • 99% natural origin, 52% organic
  1. Moisturize with Le Sérum Anti-Soif, deep hydration serum - 15ml
  • Well-hydrated skin is better protected against aggressors. Le Sérum Anti-Soif replenishes your skin’s moisture levels so it feels soft and plump again, while staying perfectly matte and fresh!
  • 99% natural origin, 49% organic
  1. Balance with La Crème de Santé, lightweight moisturizer - 15ml
  • Moisturizes, balances, and regulates. Rich in prebiotics and botanicals, La Crème de Santé provides your skin with ingredients that are essential for its proper functioning and radiance. Suitable for all skin types.
  • 99% natural origin, 52% organic
  1. Replump with Le Masque Anti-Soif Hydratant, deep hydration mask - 15ml
  • Natural active ingredients work together in synergy to deeply replenish your skin while helping it to trap moisture.
  • 99% natural origin, 51% organic

 Eco-designed, to be pleasing to the eye – and to the planet!

In line with the determination to minimize its carbon footprint, ABSOLUTION has opted for aluminum tubes for the new travel sizes. This material has the advantage of being infinitely recyclable, and protects the formula perfectly.

The organic cotton pouch is made in workshops that carry the Bags of Ethics™ label – a positive label that promotes products made with the greatest care, creativity, and respect for the planet.


  • Begin by deeply and gently cleansing with Le Nettoyant Pureté. This rinse-off cleansing gel removes makeup perfectly, leaving your skin super clean and velvety.
  • Next, apply a few drops of Le Sérum Anti-Soif. Use it on its own OR mixed with a small amount of La Crème de Santé OR alternate between the two options, according to your skin’s needs.
  • Once or twice a week, gently exfoliate your skin with La Crème Gommante, then apply a thick layer of Le Masque Anti-Soif Hydratant and relax while it works its magic. Leave on for 10 minutes (no longer, it mustn’t dry out!), then rinse off with warm water. This mask can be used every day if your skin is really thirsty.

5 x 15 ml

ABSOLUTION Skin Saver Hydrating Set
ABSOLUTION Skin Saver Hydrating Set

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