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For demanding, mature skin with a tendency to pigment disorders.

Day Cream Skin Renewal Protections SPF 15 combines Anti-Aging day care, pigment correction and reliable UV-protection in one. 

The effective herbal active ingredients stimulate the dermatological production of lipids and form a precious nutrient storage for the skin cells:

- A herbal peptide complex to improve the skin elasticity and firmness mitigates skin flaccidity.

- A patented complex from polysaccharides builds a protective film. Its strong ties to water fills up small wrinkles and strengthens the supporting tissue of the epidermis.

- Highly molecular plant-based hyaluronic acid penetrates deeply into the skin layers and thus achieves a long-lasting moisturizing effect.

- The antioxidative effect of vitamin E protects the skin from cellular damage.

- Vitamin A supports the stimulation of the epidermis to activate the cell renewal and to reduce wrinkles.

- The biotechnological sun filter is the only photo-organic UVA-I-absorber that covers the long UV-A wavelength range. The outstanding photo-stability offers efficient and reliable sun protection throughout the day.

Apply and gently massage in after cleansing in the morning.


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