HIF Hydration Support


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HIF Hydration Support
HIF Hydration Support

With a healthy and moisturized scalp, hair is able to better flourish.

Rejuvenate hair’s natural moisture with HIF’s Hydration Support cleansing conditioner.

With a low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid, moisture is delivered to the scalp to hydrate from the ground up and can sustainably target excessive scalp dryness and dandruff formation. Hair is able to grow thicker and fuller, with a scalp that is healthier and free of build-up.

Deep conditioning actives help hydrate and strengthen hair at the roots, leaving hair feeling soft and supple.

Cleansing Coefficient: 6
Conditioning Coefficient: 8
Activation Time (min.): 3
Foam Level: none

Suitable for use after coloring: yes


Think of this HIF Cleansing Conditioner as dry cleaning for your hair, only with water. In one simple, gentle step, HIF deep cleanses with cleansing fractions instead of common detergents while a long list of conditioning technologies, exotic oils, hyaluronic acid and precious rock extracts leave the hair in prime condition.

HIF Hydration Support
HIF Hydration Support

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